Can you believe it is already April?  Maybe we should stop blinking in between the porch hangouts, the late nights spent with Herman, and the pre-game for the pre-gaming.  Just as months zoom by like weeks, IU alum, Vicki Budreau, is astonished at how her college experience feels like yesterday.  Imagine what it would have been like to walk through the Sample Gates of 1974.

It was the Bobby Knight era where basketball tickets were sold as a lottery system.  Budreau lived the 1976 NCAA championship where students were flipping over cars, throwing people into the water fountain, and parading the streets of Bloomington in celebration.

“It was the craziest thing I have ever been through, but it was fun,” said Budreau who resisted from being tossed into the fountain.

The very attractive and bright eyed IU alum with auburn hair lived with three girlfriends in what was then called, “Pigskin Apartments.”  She was on the gymnastics team, fashioned a Farah Fawcett hairdo, and studied Physical Education and Health.

Currently happily married, she laughed as I asked her to recall the IU dating scene.

Once a year, the Union featured a dating service which paired together students by their most compatible answers to a questionnaire.  She said everyone looked forward to participating.  Budreau and her girlfriend completed the, “favorite hobbies?” and, “outdoorsy preference?” questions and headed over to Foster dormitory to meet their matches.  Budreau turned around and ditched after she saw her name-tagged date flexing his muscles in the mirror while he waited.  Yikes!

She enjoyed living in the Northwest area near the stadium where weekend parties started around 8 p.m. with a cookout.  After grilling burgers and drinking beer with close friends and neighbors, she would bounce around to different house parties where everyone was welcome.

Campus was wet and the drinking age was 21.  To enter her favorite bar, The Regulator, known as, The Reg, she smudged her green Indiana license with eye shadow to instantly age two years.

Today, Budreau is still in contact with many of her friends from IU.  This includes her roommate at Reade dormitory during Freshman year.  Pressure from her 25 year old daughter has motivated her to sign up for Facebook where she “clicks” through researching old friends.

“We were living for the day,” said Budreau about the best part of college, “All we had to do was study and party.”

Whether it is 1974 or 2010, Bloomington is the ultimate environment for going to college.  The town is ours, and there is something to fulfill every person’s interest.

The same way I met Budreau as strangers sitting beside each other on an airplane is no different from IU’s friendly attitude.  For four years, we have the opportunity to learn and grow with the people around us before entering a world of expectations more serious than a bike race.  Once we are a part of a lifestyle without winter and spring breaks, we should be influenced by a great college experience.  For now, I hope that we are all trying our best and having as much fun as possible.