Little 500 at IU is the nation’s most pumped up party week.  Interestingly enough, class is in session.  Real Hoosiers don’t skip class, they incorporate it into their celebration schedule.

A good friend of mine named Alec McNees decided to host a party in his classroom.

He created a Facebook event for his fellow statistics (E370) students to play the “Mary Beth Camp Little 5 Drinking Game,” from 1:25-2:15 on Wednesday at Ballentine Hall on campus.

Not only did the majority of the class raise their cups, but did many not even enrolled participate.

The rules posted on the Facebook event are as such:

“Since no one pays attention to Camp during E370 lecture anyways (except Carl), let’s make a drinking game out of it while trying to earn some quiz bowl points. Bring a mixed drink to class on Wednesday and we will drink every time Mary Beth:

-Raises her hand to get us quiet
-Says “gosh”
-Cuts someone off during their answer and shoots them down by saying “No…”
-Says your TA’s name

And most importantly…

-Everytime Carl answers a question. Follow up questions count too!

Let’s have fun but be careful not to get caught. Invite your friends too!”

The initiative was bold, however we can all agree that there is no better way of joining together as college students than by a quiet and harmless revolt.  We do it for Little 5 and we do it because we can.  Go team!