Greek vs. GDI Little Five Monday, May 3 2010 

Where were you during the Little 500 races?

If you are a member of Greek life, then you were in the stands, with a color to wear and a team to root for.

If you are not in Greek life, then you were roaming the campus, with a cup to fill, and the Villas to fall back on.

Nancy and I debate the difference of experience celebrating Little 500 as a GDI and as a Greek member.

Single and independent is the way to be in college.  In honor of Little Five, I tied sneakers of my feet and hopped from pre-game to porch to bonfire to bar and yes, guiltily- to the Villas.  Throughout the span on the men’s race, a GDI like myself takes 500 shots in support of 500 laps.  An entire week was dedicated to straight-up fun and each day was different.

Having no agenda as an independent during Little Five is like being single in the dating world.  I did not have to stand in bleachers, nor did I have to promise my time to anyone.  The only importance to keep in check is where the party is at; the same way flying solo contends no obligation.  Ironically, a GDI is wanted everywhere except at the bike race just as singles are socially invited anywhere but by that one significant other.

While I was catching a thrill from rain and spontaneity, Nancy was following a traditional routine…


Nancy speaking, and trust me, you want to be Greek during Little Five week.

Being Greek during Little Five is like having a boyfriend. Every night you know where you’re supposed to be, who you’re going to be with, and the general theme of the night. Things are a little more predictable than roaming GDI land but the flip side is I’m afforded the confidence that I won’t ever end up at The Villas fighting to keep my swimsuit top on as I wrestle in a tub of pudding. Call me old fashioned, but I like that. My Little Five is ridiculously fun, but I know where my fun will be. I know what colors I am wearing on race day, and I know who I will be next to in the stands. You want to be Greek during Little Five for the same reasons you want that boy/girl-friend, to be wanted.

The consensus is in:  When in Little Five, do as the Greeks do.  Being apart of something is more passionate and gratifying than aimlessly wandering to parties.  Although I enjoyed the spirit of party hopping for a cause that did not truly concern me, please ask me where I was the day of the women’s race.  I was standing right next to Nancy clapping loudly for her sorority’s team.

It is cool to feel wanted in spite of all the adventures a GDI destines to take.  I feel brave and daring as GDI during Little Five just as I do without a boyfriend.  I never know who I am going to meet or where I am going to party whereas Nancy has plans paved and insured.  Either way, our shoulders were back, our spirits were high, and our experiences of Little Five were a blast.


Not your average party invitation Thursday, Apr 29 2010 

Little 500 at IU is the nation’s most pumped up party week.  Interestingly enough, class is in session.  Real Hoosiers don’t skip class, they incorporate it into their celebration schedule.

A good friend of mine named Alec McNees decided to host a party in his classroom.

He created a Facebook event for his fellow statistics (E370) students to play the “Mary Beth Camp Little 5 Drinking Game,” from 1:25-2:15 on Wednesday at Ballentine Hall on campus.

Not only did the majority of the class raise their cups, but did many not even enrolled participate.

The rules posted on the Facebook event are as such:

“Since no one pays attention to Camp during E370 lecture anyways (except Carl), let’s make a drinking game out of it while trying to earn some quiz bowl points. Bring a mixed drink to class on Wednesday and we will drink every time Mary Beth:

-Raises her hand to get us quiet
-Says “gosh”
-Cuts someone off during their answer and shoots them down by saying “No…”
-Says your TA’s name

And most importantly…

-Everytime Carl answers a question. Follow up questions count too!

Let’s have fun but be careful not to get caught. Invite your friends too!”

The initiative was bold, however we can all agree that there is no better way of joining together as college students than by a quiet and harmless revolt.  We do it for Little 5 and we do it because we can.  Go team!

Jack Daniel’s or a Red Dress? Friday, Feb 12 2010 

The difference between how Nancy and I will be spending Valentine’s Day this year, is that I will be drunk, and she will be sober.  Nancy has a boyfriend, and I do not.  While I have the choice of Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, or Jack Daniel’s, Nancy has the choice between a pink or a red dress.

As we discussed our plans together for this upcoming Sunday, we could not help but reminisce upon some embarrassing Valentine’s Day’s from the past.  We can almost taste those disgusting candy hearts now…

Carly’s Collective Calamities:

  • Apparently I am the Karate Kid, because my boyfriend during my senior year of high school, “thought outside the box,” and bought me a bonsai tree.  He was not waxed on that night so he had to wax off.
  • To fulfill my parent’s worst nightmare, I was dating a drug dealer during tenth grade year of high school.  For the romantic occasion, my Keith Richards wannabe generously treated me to psychedelic substances.  Sorry, but acid is not a girl’s best friend.
  • In 3rd grade, I was married to a freckly boy with a pet worm.  It was a glorious reception, and freckle face tried to put the worm around my finger.

Nancy’s Notorious Nostalgia:

  • Freshman year my boyfriend approached me at the end of the school day with a half dozen wilted school fundraiser purchased carnations. They were almost as awkward to look at as he was, but I shouldn’t give him a hard time seeing as I thoughtfully got him a “license to bitch” from Spencer’s and a cat collar. I thought I was being funny. I hope I
    never come to a full realization of how awkward I was because I will never forgive myself.
  • In seventh grade on the blessed day I opened my locker to see folded papers fall to my feet. It was an intensely thought out love poem from “a secret admirer”. I almost got a little excited until I realized one of the analogies looked a little familiar. It read, “your eyes are like a diamond shining up through the sea”. My friend Leslie evidently decided to recycle her work from our poetry unit in English in her cruel v-day joke. Nice try bitch.
  • Last but most awkward Valentine’s Day occasion happened in the most awkward place you can be high school- band rehearsal. The super creepy first chair clarinet sitting next to me had someone leave a single- you guessed it- carnation on my music stand. When I got there and saw it he was conveniently busy away from his seat. There was a note attached requesting a date for the coming week. I managed to thank him for the flower but conveniently forgot to mention my availability.

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Last year, Nancy and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day together as two fun and single freshmen in college.  We curled our hair, slipped on bright red dresses, and shared a bottle of red wine, of course.  Our night led us to the villa’s apartments where we danced without a care in the world.

If you had told us then what we would be doing for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, we would have laughed at you in disbelief.

A very good guy has managed the impossible by making Nancy his girlfriend.  I give him credit for handling her sass and hope he can top our hazy night at the villa’s.  As long as he does not give her acid or carnations, he will be fine.

Although separated from my partner in crime, I will also be managing a surprising feat.  Besides last year with Nancy, I have always had a boyfriend to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  This year when I think about this romantic holiday, I wonder if anyone will confess their affections.  However since John Mayer will probably not be throwing rocks at my window, I have made plans to go tubing with friends.

Oh, and get very intoxicated.  Oops, am I repeating myself already?

Whether or not you are in a relationship or not, the trick to enjoying Valentine’s Day is simple.  Spend it with someone that makes you feel good.  Indulge a little just because it is a holiday.  Make love fun and turn the day into an adventure.  Whatever your circumstances, Valentine’s Day is what you make of it.